Thank you for taking a look here. There’s so much to do – it will be worthwhile!

This is largely a volunteer effort pulling together work already done by existing institutions. And we believe that – if you’re going to volunteer – it’s really important that you’re working on something that’s of burning importance to you.

So if you see something that overlaps with your ambitions – do get in touch and tell us about it. And if you haven’t yet found your burning desire, we’ll help you find it – so get in touch anyway!

You can tell us about it here.

Once you’ve decided what you can offer, please think about all your friends and contacts who might be inspired to join us – with experience or keen to learn – especially women and people of colour.


The key deliverables into each assembly consist of:

  1. a palette of well documented, ambitious interventions each with a 10 minute presentation
  2. a software emissions reduction model of these interventions showing progress over time – this model will be capable of being manipulated by different groups of participants using sliders – during the assemblies
  3. that model populated with representative demographic and travel data for each participating area

So we need:

  • Engineers
  • Transport Planners
  • Modellers
  • Economists
  • Software engineers

PR and Social Media




You can make your offer here.

Thank you. Together we can steer the United Kingdom to an ambitious low-carbon future!