Discussion Resources

We’re actively organising to get groups around Kingston discussing and getting familiar with some of the complicated issues around our responses to the Climate Emergency; so that, when our technical team come up with ambitious projects they’ll have people on hand who can both challenge their ideas, and when accepted, promote these projects amongst their friends and neighbours.

We’re always on the lookout for fun games and interesting kits that will provoke discussion and action – especially in an online setting. If you know of something please tell us through our Contact page.

Right now we’re using these kits from Talk Shop:

  • Discuss with others what you will and won’t do about the Climate Emergency, and what government policies you would and wouldn’t vote for, as we imagine walking into the future with Climate Walk.
  • Learn about wonderful things people have done in cities around the world to start dealing with the Climate Emergency in Local Climate Solutions. Use these ideas to stimulate your imagination of what you could do with those who live around you!
  • Learn about some of the top 100 Climate Emergency big ideas that scientists from Project Drawdown have researched and costed by playing Climate Trumps. You might hear about Silvopasture, Geothermal Power, Heat Pumps, Alternative Cement or Regenerative Agriculture!
  • Delve into some important ethical questions about our economic-industrial system by role playing in Humans and More Than Humans. You might be a person, a creature or even a peat bog! (coming soon).