Launch Annoucement

Can we be so bold? Can we make that happen? Let’s try!

We are a non-partisan, respectful and inclusive group. We welcome people from all political parties and none.

In October 2019, Kingston Council became the 5th council to declare a Climate Emergency  – an ambitious and bold local step towards creating a sustainable way of living for us all.  What next?

Many people and groups are raising the alarm.  Raising the alarm is a good start but it’s not enough. 

We must take action now, and that action can start on our own doorstep. Let’s think globally and act locally.

In Kingston we can do it. We can work together to come up with a range of local policies and practices which will breathe life into the Climate Change Emergency Declaration without which the declaration will remain just that. Practical action in Kingston, for the planet. 

We start with a wide conversation across Kingston so people are on board with the issues and understand what can be done.  We will discuss online and in person, in community groups, choirs, online pub quizzes and anywhere else where people want to do something about the climate emergency. These conversations will be non-partisan, will welcome people from all political parties and none, be respectful and inclusive, evidence based and ambitious yet realistic. 

At the same time, we will build a team of experts who can research and develop ambitious and achievable proposals for Kingston.  These ideas will be tested and improved by the conversation groups. In this way we can be sure that there will be a large body of opinion supporting them.

Once we have a range of ambitious proposals we will convene a Peoples Assembly, open to all residents of Kingston, at which they will be presented.  Residents will be able to comment on, challenge and refine the ideas.  The outcome will be a widely agreed set of proposals which we will deliver to Kingston Council.

*** STOP PRESS*** For a clearer vision of how the assembly might work see these slides presented recently to a cross party Kingston Green Recovery meeting in February 2021.

Following this, a Citizens Assembly should be established by Kingston Council to consider these and other proposals. The members of this Assembly should be chosen in a way that reflects the diverse community of the Borough. The outcome of the Assembly will be firm recommendations of ambitious and workable actions to be formally presented to the Council. 

The Citizens Assembly’s recommendations will have democratic legitimacy because of the way its members have been selected and appointed; will be credible because of the technical rigour of the initiatives; and will set Kingston on the path to a carbon zero Kingston.

Be part of shaping the vision and creating a carbon zero Kingston by 2030.  Do get in touch through our contact page if you are:

  • an expert in any form of intervention which reduces carbon
  • in a community or group which is concerned about the climate emergency
  • keen to develop ways of helping people have conversations about climate perhaps using the Climate Walk and Local Climate Solutions discussion kits
  • an individual who has concern, passion and energy to help make this happen
  • or someone who simply wants to find out more

We’re keen to join forces and work with you. Get in touch with us now!

Bring your passion! Help shape the vision – a carbon zero Kingston by 2030!