Launch of Kingston’s ambitious Peoples Assembly on the Climate Emergency – K-PACE

Last week we had the opportunity to tell a joint meeting of various groups in Kingston what we’re about. We were excited to get such an enthusiastic response. We want people from all parties and none to work together to decide how we can get down to net zero emissions in Kingston by 2030. 

Our approach

We believe net zero by 2030 is possible – if ambitious – provided that the right funding, and laws and regulations are in place. So, we’ll start by ignoring those constraints. And we’ll be ambitious in imagining the behavioural changes our neighbours in Kingston will be willing to make.

This approach – once we’ve demonstrated it can be done – will fire the imagination of those who know there’s a problem, but are ‘frozen’ by their distress that nothing will change; and it will energise campaigns for the necessary political and economic changes.

First Assembly

We’ve set out to organise a series of day long Peoples Assemblies on different areas of de-carbonisation; such as personal transportation, building efficiency, and tree planting & land use. The first Assembly will focus on emissions reduction from changes in personal transportation. It will be based on solid data and forecasts of transport use in Kingston, and will consider a whole range of practical and ambitious interventions. We intend to provide an emissions model, so that participants will be able to experiment with different combinations of those interventions; and by the end of the day will have agreed a way forward for Kingston.

Get involved!

All around Kingston, we know there’s both a longing for real change, and great enthusiasm for this kind of future-looking focus, whilst using new forms of democracy and decision making. There’s so much to do to make it happen, we’ll value every offer of help.

We’re looking for people keen to help make this a reality: engineers, transport analysts, researchers, data modelers and organisers.

We believe it’s important, when you bring your skills and knowledge to work with us on this, that you’re feeding your burning vision for change. If you know what that is, please tell us. And if you don’t, we’ll help you find it! So please talk to us now at