K-PACE – Kingston’s ambitious Peoples Assembly on the Climate Emergency – wants to significantly influence the national conversation in the post COP-26 lull in early 2022. 

We want to do this in conjunction with similar assemblies around the country. We intend that all of these will be doing deep dive workshops looking at a specific area of de-carbonisation around the same time. This will – we hope – magnify our impact.

Our first deep dive will consider how to significantly de-carbonise transport in our local area. The next might look at building use and insulation, etc. 

Each event will – initially – put aside how decarbonisation would be funded, and the constraints imposed by laws and regulations. We do this so that people can come to see that these are barriers holding us back, and must be pushed aside. The aim is to shape the law, regulations, taxation, politics and social norms so that we build the momentum for rapid change.

Then, collectively, we want to announce something like

Many Assemblies around the country show that net zero is possible by 203x!

Our priorities are

  1. Build a national movement for a faster transition, based around Peoples Assemblies
  2. Get the headline nationwide
  3. Strengthen conversations about a faster transition locally
  4. Become a prototype for new bottom up ways of decision making